Moore Tech Machining Program Update

June 17, 2021

The GMMDC reached out to Moore Tech for an update on their Machining program.  Jessica Croslow, Director of Grants & Compliance at Moore Tech reported the following:

Moore Tech is an employer focused training program designed to aid employers with the highest level of skill and professionalism in Machine Technology. In the last year Moore Tech has seen an increase in employer needs and is focused on specialized training to increase employee knowledge. Students receive 3 months of theoretical training and 18 months of practical application. With flexible schedules students will have the opportunity to work and attend classes. Some of the program components are:

  • Blue print reading
  • Geometric dimensions and tolerance
  • Multiple axis mill head set-up
  • Programming of CNC mills, turning centers, and wire electronic discharge machines
  • Reverse engineering from part to blueprint
  • Inside and outside diameter work
  • Multiple work holding set-ups
  • Use of Go & No-Go gauges

Moore Tech has been highly focused on the partnership with GMMDC through the duration of the Department of Labor grant to meet local performance metrics of testing and completion. Moore Tech was able to ramp up testing for the NIMS certification of Measurement, Material and Safety. To date, Moore Tech has tested and issued nearly 330 national certifications.

Moore Tech has remained steadfast in maintaining a partnership with Shelby County Schools to continuously enroll new talent at the high school level. The Dual Enrollment program provides an opportunity for students to graduate from high school and with a college level certificate at the same time.

Moore Tech is dedicated to building a stronger Machining workforce in the Greater Memphis Area with attention and focus to employer needs. Moore Tech’s state of the art facility, can provide a specific and expert training program to upskill your current workforce. Director Will James, has been working with the Army Corps of Engineers onsite to train in CNC programming and operations.

Please contact Moore Tech to meet your workforce development needs. For more information please contact: Karen Treas VP Industry Relations or Will James Director of Machine Technology at 901-726-1977.

Classes begin September 1, 2021  

Night courses are 2 nights per week – great option for current employees who would like to train as CNC Operators.