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The Vision of the Greater Memphis Medical Device Council is to advocate for progressive changes that foster sustained economic growth and support the development of a comprehensive, world-class workforce serving the Memphis area biomedical industry.
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The Mission of the Greater Memphis Medical Device Council is to create a successful collaboration among member companies to identify shared economic development and workforce needs. This industry led initiative will advocate with state, local and federal entities, economic development agencies and educational institutions to effectively close the workforce gap for all levels of biomedical careers and support sustained industry growth.

The Greater Memphis Medical Device Industry Accounts for More than $4.06 Billion in Economic Impact

Our Biotech and Medical Device Companies generate more than $ 46 million in annual taxes for local and State governments and produce 548,346 regional jobs.

“The GMMDC Board is excited to announce the hiring of Chris as our new executive director,” says board member Patrick Fisher, who is vice president and general manager Foot and Ankle at Stryker. “He’s an experienced leader who brings an excellent track record of success as well as an entrepreneurial mindset to our team.”
Patrick Fisher
Vice President and GM,
Foot and Ankle at Stryker
Executive Director of GMMDC

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Providing opportunities for individuals to obtain valuable training classes and corporate resources while seeking a rewarding and lucrative career in the Medical Device Industry.
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Joining the GMMDC network of professional educators, corporate mentors and innovative entrepreneurs allows you to serve in a leading role to advance the work of the largest exporter in Tennessee – the Medical Device industry.
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Creating specialized training, education curriculum and tuition funding resources for the critical workforce needed to enhance and sustain the Medical Device industry in the Memphis area.
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Career Opprotunities

Tool and strategies modern teams need to help their companies grow.
Are you a high school or college student looking for a lucrative and rewarding career?
More than 55 life science companies are located in the Memphis area and they are hiring individuals seeking a rewarding career.
Are you currently working but looking to pursue a more rewarding job that improves the quality of life for millions of people?
The medical device industry enables workers to become a part of breakthrough treatment options that improve the quality of life for millions of people.
Are you a veteran seeking a job that will utilize your experience, service and skills in a new career?
Our honored veterans often find it difficult to find a way back to civilian employment and we’re here to help.


Joining the GMMDC network of professional educators, corporate mentors and innovative entrepreneurs allows you to serve in a leading role to advance the work of the largest exporter in Tennessee – the Medical Device industry.


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Medical Device Industry News

Interviews, tips, guides, industry best practices, and news.

Smith+Nephew Launches Effort to Foster Diversity in Orthopedics

Smith+Nephew has formed a global Advisory Board—within the framework of its new Orthopaedics for All initiative—to boost diversity in the industry. The board will strive to build equity, break biases, and inspire inclusion for individuals wishing to pursue careers in orthopedic surgery. There is a significant disparity of women in orthopedic surgery compared to men. According to multiple studies, only 15% of all orthopedic residents were women and just 7.4% were practicing orthopedic surgeons in the United States during 2022. Several factors may contribute to this inequity including greater vulnerability to work-family conflict, less supportive references than their male counterparts, and less national research funding compared to men. Smith+Nephew aims to address these long-standing challenges headfirst and help set new standards in patient-centric care.

Medical-Device Company Hosts First Patient Summit

Earlier this week, Reinhardt and four other patients with artificial ankles shared their experiences at a town-hall-style summit held at Stryker Corp.’s Arlington campus. The event featured an array of patients from Reinhardt to a local cyclist and former police-department leader who needed the procedure to continue exercising.
PCB, BioMed
January 22, 2024

FDA grants global Medical Device company Biomimetic Innovations ‘Breakthrough Device’ designation for OsStic® Synthetic Injectable Structural Bio-Adhesive Bone Void Filler. 

Biomimetic Innovations Ltd today announced that OsStic® has been granted ‘Breakthrough Device’ designation by the FDA. The proposed indication statement for this novel new technology is: OsStic® Synthetic Injectable Bone Void Filler is a structural, mechanically enhanced bioadhesive for reduction, provisional fixation, or void filling of peri-articular fractures or defects to enhance structural stability where standard fixation alone cannot provide sufficient support for functional mobilization.

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