Memphis start-up receives FDA clearance for device using honey for wound care

June 17, 2019

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – A brother-sister duo secured FDA clearance for a new medical device that uses honey for wound care.

From the Sweet Bio hive at the edge of the University of Memphis campus, Isaac Rodriguez and his sister, Kayla Rodriguez-Graff, are celebrating a major milestone.

“We were all here in person and we just screamed and celebrated, and I think the whole university heard us,” said Rodriguez.

“Wow, what a journey. It’s actually several months ahead of schedule for us and we are thrilled about that,” said Rodriguez-Graff.

Roughly a week ago, their company called “Sweet Bio” received clearance from the FDA to begin marketing a new product for wound care.

The device uses a medical grade honey from New Zealand to help spur safer healing.

It dissolves in the body over a period of weeks. The pair says it meets a need, a more natural way to heal wounds.

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