GMMDC’s First Apprenticeship Completed

April 20, 2020

The GMMDC is proud to announce that Bakari Pittman, a GMMDC Machinist Apprentice at MicroPort Medical, has completed his apprenticeship. Mr. Pittman received his certificate of completion through the Department of Labor and is now a Precision Machinist.  

Mr. Pittman stated:  I received my certification in Machine Technology from Moore Tech December of 2019. The apprenticeship program means a lot to me by helping my growth and knowledge of being a machinist daily. The apprenticeship has taught many valuable lessons that I believe cannot be taught in school. One of the main reasons I wanted to be machinists is that I saw it as another way to help people in medical field.

Richard Lunsford, Senior Director Manufacturing stated, “Having Bakari as our first apprentice helped MicroPort to understand the potential that the machinist apprenticeship program represents to those who are diligent in the pursuit of their goals. Bakari has applied himself to each task in a sincere effort to learn and to improve his skill set. Because of our excellent first apprentice, we now know that in a year with MicroPort, an apprentice will learn various machine tools, peripheral equipment, inspection techniques and metrology tools, and that makes for a much better prepared entry-level machinist. There is no doubt among our management team at MicroPort that the machinist apprenticeship program is a success and the company has plans to keep it going in the future.”