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22 January 2021

In an age of efficiency and growing customer demands, computer controlled equipment and the software that drives it provide businesses with the means to produce high tolerance designs in the most efficient manner. To be able to fully utilize the capabilities of current manufacturing technologies, companies need individuals who both understand the manufacturing processes and can program the equipment used to add value to raw materials.  Computers are used in almost every facet of modern manufacturing and virtually every production process uses computer controls in some fashion.  The skills needed to be able to program this equipment are very valuable to manufacturers and programming production equipment is a very lucrative career.

Primary Responsibilities

The job of a programmer is to:

  • Create software that drives production equipment to add value to raw materials
  • Improve and enhance existing computer software
  • Monitor production processes and making and documenting changes or improvements as necessary
  • Interpret blueprints (GD&T) Perform required job functions in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices as defined by the company’s Quality Management System

Educational Requirements

  • Understanding of manufacturing processes and how the computer controls are utilized
  • Associate’s degree in some cases
  • Coursework to understand and develop a solid understanding of CAD/CAM software and the specific codes required by CNC equipment, Programmable Logic Controllers, and operating systems of automated systems.

Qualities Needed in this Career

  • Analytical skills
  • Concentration
  • Detail oriented
  • Troubleshooting skill


  • $58,000-$78,000 per year

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