GMMDC Partners with GMACW on America's Promise Grant

Through a partnership with the GMMDC, the Greater Memphis Alliance for a Competitive Workforce (GMACW) will lead a strategic partnership of manufacturing industry leaders, training providers and workforce agencies to provide education, training, support services, and job placement assistance to more than 1,000 adults  to meet the highly skilled needs for in-demand jobs in the local medical device manufacturing sector. 

The MOVE-HIRE (Medical device Occupations Value Education and Help In the Regional Economy) project will target low-income and under-represented individuals. 

The America’s Promise grant competition is for tuition-free education and training programs for unemployed or underemployed adults, and up to 20% of the grant funds can be used for training incumbent workers. 

The MOVE-HIRE application addresses the lack of skilled manufacturing workers in the Memphis metropolitan statistical area. 

As part of the grant process, GMACW referenced GMMDC data that shows that the lack of skilled manufacturing workers is impacting industry productivity and growth as well as the region's ability to attract new manufacturing. 

As part of the requirement for the America’s Promise grant, GMACW worked with the GMMDC and other industry and  education leaders to create career pathways in advanced manufacturing for participants to advance their training and education to secure future, higher-paying jobs and careers in fields that are currently occupied by H-1B visa workers. 

Other partners in the application include the Greater Memphis Chamber, the Bartlett Area Chamber of Commerce, the Workforce Investment Network, the University of Memphis, Arkansas State University Mid-South, SouthwestTennessee Community College, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, William R. Moore College of Technology, Memphis Bioworks Foundation, and Workbay LLC.