Bartlett High School Gets Medical Device Shop Grant

With support from the GMMDC, the city of Bartlett and TCAT, Bartlett High School is on its way to developing a new cutting edge medical device shop to develop students for post-secondary opportunities. 

The program was made possible thanks to a more than $200,000 grant  from TCAT that help provide new machinery, shop updates and training to instructors in order to develop a medical device program that will give students a real experience of working in the industry. 

"The goal is to provide juniors and seniors at Bartlett High School experience in a 21st-century medical device shop," said Nathan Garrett, TCAT director of workforce innovation. "Through this program, they will get to see how the industry operates. We believe this program will be a significant feeder program into post-secondary programs."

Garrett said the city of Bartlett made significant contributions to make the program possible in Bartlett. 

The new and improved shop is scheduled to open for students October 17.