Apprenticeship Working Group

For the past few months, a dedicated group of individuals from across the Memphis Medical Device spectrum have worked together to create something truly unique.  

Representatives from Wright Medical, Microport, Smith and Nephew, Odyssey, Titan, and Onyx have worked to define the skills needed by the future employees of an industry that is crucial to the economic health of the Greater Memphis Area.

Coming together for a few hours each week, they have helped to develop the structure of an Apprenticeship program that will develop the skilled machinists that will produce all variety ofOrthopaedic and Spinal implants and instruments.

What makes this group so unique is that their companies are competitors in the marketplace but are collaborating together to address a critical shortage of skilled employees needed to produce products that are in high demand.

Using an Apprenticeship structure created by NIMS, the National Institute of Metalworking Standards, this Apprenticeship Working Group has defined the Entry Level Skills needed to enter the GMMDC Apprenticeship Program and has reviewed and approved the NIMS skillsets for the entire Apprenticeship program.  They have also defined a set of skills that go beyond the NIMS standards that include state of the art advanced technologies that need to be mastered to produce the complex products required by the industry.

In addition to the skills needed within the Apprenticeship program, the Working Group also developed processes for individuals to apply for entry into the program, and also how individuals accepted into the program would be matched up with GMMDC member companies needing Apprentices.

The work was done without compromising any intellectual property of the member companies and helped create a healthy respect for the professionalism that exists within these companies that compete in the market but have worked together to address a common need.

Members of the GMMDC Apprenticeship Working Group are:

  • Jerry West – Wright Medical
  • Joel Robinson – Microport
  • Billy Hogue – Smith and Nephew
  • Joey Greenwell – Smith and Nephew
  • Patrick Gilmore – Onyx Medical
  • David Nelms – Odyssey Medical
  • Randy Ransdell – Odyssey Medical
  • Robert Kenyon – Titan Medical
  • Roy Smith – GMMDC Executive Director