Krause pledges support to medical device training

Tennessee executive director of the Drive to 55 and Tennessee Promise initiatives, Mike Krause, attended the November meeting of the MGMMDC where he pledge his support of the Council’s efforts to develop an industry specific training program. 

Krause said the training for medical device industry is key to providing secondary education options to Tennesseean that will lead to jobs. 

Krause has lead the implementation and launch of the Tennessee Promise program and oversee all Drive to 55 efforts, including the statewide Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support (SAILS) early math remediation program, online innovation initiatives, Degree Compass expansion, adult student analytics and research, veteran education efforts, and the development of post-secondary scorecards.

Tennessee Promise commits to providing two years of community college or a college of applied technology (TCAT) absolutely free of tuition and fees to graduating high school seniors beginning with the class of 2015.

It is the signature component of Haslam’s Drive to 55 push to increase the percentage of Tennesseans with post-secondary credentials to 55 percent by the year 2025.

The GMMDC Board presented to Krause an outline of what it felt was needed to adequately address the education and training requirements for the industry. Though the program is still a work in progress, and thus no details were provided, Krause did indicate that the Governor is very much aware of the industry’s importance to the State’s economy and wants to work with the Council. In addition to Krause, Tennessee Senate Majority Leader, Mark Norris and House Education Committee Chairman, Mark White were also in attendance. Both men have closely monitored the actions of the GMMDC and stand ready to assist in whatever way they can.